It’s been a long wait for HyunA fans. Ever since her prior label took the truly absurd action of firing her and her romantic partner (and group mate) E-Dawn for disclosing their relationship, and the pair subsequently joining Psy’s upstart label, we’ve been awaiting a proper return for the massively popular, button-pushing Korean firebrand.

True, we got “Flower Shower” about 14 months ago (phew!), but that glorious single aside, it’s been since – sheesh – 2017 since we saw a full-length release from the rapper. Fans got excited last year when her return seemed imminent, but Hyuna decided she needed time to improve her mental health, and, thankfully, her label supported her decision to withhold her new material.

Well, that period of anticipation is finally over. Today, she’s released her new mini-album, I’m Not Cool, as well as a (of course) deliriously colorful and sexy video for its lead single of the same name.

Check that out below and, well, rejoice. With IU and HyunA returning within a day of each other, it’s truly Queen season.

You can find HyunA on Instagram.