IDK links up with Offset for rambunctious new single “Shoot My Shot”

IDK has shared the latest from his awaited new album, USEE4YOURSELF. Worlds away from the slight misfire that was 2019’s Is He Real?, “Shoot My Shot” is a refreshingly low stakes player’s anthem, which serves as the perfect excuse for the often reflective rapper to link up with none other than Migos’ Offset, with the very in-character guest helping to provide a rather out-of-character track for IDK. Especially in light of his underrated, borderline brilliant 2017 project, IWasVeryBad, he’s not a rapper to take lightly or underestimate.

Stay tuned for more from the project, which is set to feature the likes of Brent Faiyaz and Lil Yachty, and check out the video for “Shoot My Shot” below (or listen to the song on streamers) in the mean time.

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