Cardi B eclipses Offset on the pair’s new single, “Jealousy”

There are several things that “Jealousy” appears to be. It’s presumably the first proper single for Offset’s long-gestating sophomore solo album. What’s more, with his wife alongside him, it’s ostensibly a reply to all the (seemingly damn near constant) media attention the state of their marriage receives.

Indeed, the song was promoted by a mock interview recreating a classic (infamous?) James Brown interview, with Offset channeling Brown while being quizzed by none other than newly minted Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis.

Nonetheless, what is “Jealousy” in actuality? A chance for Cardi B to, as she tends to do, wreak havoc. Having yet to offer any truly sure sign regarding the arrival of a sophomore album, Cardi receives plenty of “scared to drop” barbs, yet always seems to reset the conversation with each appearance. If Nicki Minaj is propelled by stylistic flourishes, Cardi is a blunt instrument, not needing all too much finesse to do serious damage: “Girl, nobody listen to you ‘less you talking ’bout me,” she taunts here. She’ll raze the room before she reads it.

For his part, Offset is content to keep being Offset, and while his approaching album no doubt has the potential to be a soul-bearing effort following Takeoff’s tragic death, none of that is on display here. To his credit, he isn’t trying too hard, but it’s a verse indistinguishable from his work on just about anything he’s released, not feeling the least bit rooted in anything current, not the heartache of loss nor the cheating rumors and marital strife “Jealousy” purportedly deals with.

None of this is overly surprising, it’s long been clear which of the couple was penning the more memorable bars, but “Jealousy” is yet another step in Cardi B’s continual ascension. She can’t help but make a moment.

Check out the track’s video, directed by Offset himself, below.