Lizzo enlists Cardi B to address pesky “Rumors” for her effortless, dominant new single

Lizzo has been a tad quiet since her last album, 2019’s Cuz I Love You. Despite some criticism (and particularly her defensive response to said criticism) causing a bunch of noise at the time, the album still made her something of a superstar.

Well, she’s finally back at it, and she’s not taking any shit, critical or otherwise. For her first big statement of what’s presumably her new era, she’s enlisted none other than Cardi B, arguably Hip Hop’s current premiere shit talker, for a full song of talking smack, with the two declaring each and any rumor about them as completely “true”. Eminem is certainly not the first person you’d imagine Lizzo drawing inspiration from, but there’s an undeniable through line between “Rumors” and his classic “The Way I Am”. They are whatever you say they are, after all. It’s a new spin, decidedly less angry, and fully ready for the atmosphere of 2021.

For the fittingly dramatic video, the two romp around some ancient Greek-inspired netherworld, almost appearing like some much, much raunchier version of Disney’s Hercules.

Check it out below, and stay tuned for more from Lizzo soon.