Photo: Y. Arslan

How To Dress Well sifts through dissolving memories on “New Confusion” and “No Light”, announces album

Tom Krell aka How To Dress Well will release his new album I Am Toward You on 10 May through Sargent House. He has shared two tracks from the project, “New Confusion” and “No Light”. Of the former he says:

“It’s about how to relate to the past knowing the hard limits on human memory and the challenges of metabolizing intergenerational-anthropogenetic trauma. “At best regret, at worst forgetfulness,” I sing in the chorus – a tortured concept of memory, no doubt. But I also sing that there is a path to freedom from this bind.”

Krell has composed a stunningly shimmering and detailed soundscape to cradle his pristin voice as he sings through these conflicting, unpredictable emotions. Its utterly compelling as it is heartbreaking and relatable. Memory can be both friend and foe, but it’s utterly priceless – Krell manages to capute all of this feeling in “New Confusion”.

“No Light” is a more upbeat bop with distorted wails of guitar that seem like they’ve been transposed from a shoegaze song. It makes a perfect setting for this sunblinded beauty of a track.

Listen to both “New Confusion” and “No Light” below or find them on streamers.

How To Dress Well’s new album I Am Toward You arrives on May 10 through Sargent House (pre-order/save). You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.