Photo: Cathrine Brix

GRETA opens herself to euphoric surprise on the club-ready “Wonder”

Danish alt-pop purveyor GRETA is approaching the release of her second album Forever We’ll Be Dancing on February 4, and today she shares a final single from it called “Wonder”. She says:

 ”Wonder’ describes the feeling of walking into a club and not knowing what to expect. It’s about exploration and getting to that special emotional place, where you can let go of all of your fears, become one with your surroundings and forget about time and place. Simply just surrender to the feeling of euphoria.

Doing what GRETA says and surrendering to the feeling is the best way to experience and enjoy “Wonder”. While not as overtly dancefloor-focused as “Forever We’ll Be Dancing”, “Wonder” certainly has enough uplifting spring in its production and translucent colour to its melodies to make you want get a little shimmy on – whether it’s in your bedroom, a pub, a bus or literally anywhere else. Just let the synths wash over you, GRETA’s delicate voice trickle down your spine, and the bouncing bassline push you to the edge of your comfort zone.

Listen to “Wonder” below or find it on streaming platforms.

GRETA’s new album Forever We’ll Be Dancing comes out on February 4 through W.A.S. Entertainment. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.