In a bizarre move, Goldenvoice has announced that they will be holding Coachella twice next year. Yes, you read that right. They will be holding the So Cal festival twice in two separate weekends. Each weekend will have the same lineup and headliners. Their logic is that they want to accommodate as many people as possible to experience the same festival. This is no doubt a reaction to this year’s festival selling out in record time, and as a result leaving many without tickets.

We aren’t entirely sure how we feel about this. It’s ambitious to say the least. But it seems strange trying to re-create a live event twice, let alone an entire festival. Trying to capture the magic of Coachella twice will be no small feat. Passes already go on sale June 3rd, 2011. And the festival dates will be: April 13-15th and April 20-22nd 2012