Photo: YIS KID

Glasser celebrates life’s ups and downs in “Drift”

Glasser is approaching the release of her new album crux on October 6 and today has shared a new single from it called “Drift”. She says:

“It’s been my obsession for the last, I don’t even know how long. That lyric is just something that came out of me like “What a good life / Except for all those times / When you want to die” It was kind of meant to be a joke but sounds quite serious in the context of the entire record. But also, jokes are serious sometimes too. It’s good to joke about serious things, for me at least. I made so many versions. And I really wanted the final version to have sort of a dance vibe to it because dancing about death is better than weeping. They’re both good, but I wanted to dance about that.”

“Drift” begins with a vaporous synth and upright bass, with Glasser in a waking state, her limbs coming to life as she rolls around in bed. Gradually the song builds to a dance number underscored by a meaty thump and dapples of steel drums. It is immediately infectious, bouncing along Glasser’s voice glides across the production. She sounds effervescent even as she admits all of life’s difficulties – she’s a glass half full kind of person and that positivity is what wins out in the end. That attitude curls around in the song’s atmosphere like a perfume wafting off the tropical tones and interweaving with the epic strings, creating a punchy, powerful picture.

Watch the video for “Drift” below or find the song on streamers.

Glasser’s new album crux arrives on October 6 through One Little Independent (pre-order/save). You can find Glasser on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.