Photo: Jason Lewis

Sarah Neufeld shares new single and gorgeous Corsican video, “With Love and Blindness”

As she readies her third solo album (and a forthcoming Belle Orchestre record), Sarah Neufeld has shared another offering from the approaching Detritus. No longer so readily thought of simply in relation with Arcade Fire or Bell Orchestre, Neufeld has long since made a much deserved name of her own, both through her own albums and a (truly excellent) collaboration alongside husband Colin Stetson (do yourself a favor and hear her previous album Never Were the Way She Was, if you haven’t already).

Now, with Detritus releasing May 14th via One Little Independent Records / Paper Bag Record, she’s arrived with another taste of what’s to come, “With Love and Blindness”, along with its accompanying video. On the creation of the video, with director Jason Last in Corsica, she says:

“I knew that Jason and I would work together again on some visual aspect for my third solo release, and it so happened that before I even began recording the album, we were presented with the opportunity to do a mini residence on Corsica with Providenza; an amazing collective with a farm, cultural laboratory, festival and residency program. I was doing a short solo tour in Europe in the summer of 2019 in order to re-work some of the pieces from the dance collaboration to begin to find a shape for the album that was to be recorded in the fall. In the middle of that tour, Jason and I travelled to Corsica for several days (graced once again with a suitcase containing Esteban Cortazar’s unique and beautiful creations). Besides performing in Providenza’s outdoor amphitheater, we were immersed in nature, literally staying in a treehouse perched on the side of a mountain, overlooking the dramatic coastline. I found that the pulse of the landscape resonated with the essence of the music, especially With Love and Blindness; a sense of rawness, of sensuality, of a strange gravity intensified by the hypnotic summer heat and the general otherworldliness of the place.” 

Check that out below or listen on streaming platforms.

Sarah Neufeld’s new album Detritus arrives on May 14 via One Little Independent / Paper Bag (pre-order). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.