Sarah Walk shares the quietly powerful “Nobody Knows”

Sarah Walk is releasing her second album Another Me later this month, and following the thought-provoking “What Do I Want?” and album opener “Unravel”, today she shares the self-reflective “Nobody Knows”. She says:

“I wrote ‘Nobody Knows’ during a time of depression for me where I felt like I couldn’t muster up the ambition or drive to get through the discomfort needed to get to a point of creation. It’s like a double-edged sword because you feel depressed so you don’t want to do anything, but then you feel even more depressed because you haven’t felt able to get anything done. I was feeling stuck in the middle of that cycle and not sure how to break out of it.”

For a topic so introspective and self-examining, Walk has sensibly dispensed with the electronics that populated the previous singles in favour of a stylish folk flavour. Acoustic guitar and skeletal percussion plays as the undercurrent to her stream of thoughts, which seem to come pouring out at the realisation that the ‘perfect moment’ might never come, and she has the power to do, say and be whatever she wants – right now. “Nobody Knows” rises gallantly with addition of violins, making this simple but seminal realisation ascend in unison with her own self belief. This glowing melody relays the golden message of self-compassion and determination, ensuring it settles in fully for singer and listener alike.

Sarah Walk’s new album Another Me is set for release on August 28 via One Little Independent. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.