Photo: Alexis Gross

Girlpool are stretched between past and future heartbreak on “Dragging My Life Into A Dream”

Girlpool‘s fourth album Forgiveness is approaching, and we’ve already heard “Faultline” and “Lie Love Lullaby” from it. Today we get a third dose in “Dragging My Life Into A Dream”, with Avery Tucker saying:

“I wrote ‘Dragging My Life Into a Dream’ after going out to a party. I had spent the last year confronting being on my own in a way I had been avoiding for a long time. Although I knew that I was growing and still needed to heal from past relationships, I missed feeling connected to somebody and inspired. This song is about romanticizing a past time and also longing for my heart to feel open and innocent again.”

Where “Lie Love Lullaby” saw Girlpool venture into clinical electronic sounds to emphasise the isolation, they return to dream-pop aesthetics for “Dragging My Life Into A Dream”. They prove themselves adept at honing the tone to the emotional thrust, sweeping along blissfully one moment, then turning tight with tension the next.

Take a listen to “Dragging My Life Into A Dream” via the self-shot and directed video below, or find it on streaming platforms.

Girlpool’s new album Forgiveness is out on April 29 through Anti- (pre-order/save).

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