Photo: Alexis Gross

Girlpool return with the melancholic dream “Faultline”

It’s been something of a wait for Girlpool fans since 2019’s What Chaos Is Imaginary, but it seems the twosome may be set to properly return.

Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad have come together once more to release their latest single, the surprisingly dreamy “Faultline”. It drifts between purple-hued shadows, with Tividad’s far-reaching vocals cutting right to the quick.

Speaking on the song, she shares, “”The Faultline represents everything you do as a means of escape that pushes you further into the very thing you’re escaping.

Check out the vibrant, expressive video for the track below, and, with any luck, stay tuned for more from Girlpool in 2022.

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