Photo: Amalia Irons

Girlpool face up to tough truths in the gritty “Lie Love Lullaby” from their new album

When Girlpool dropped “Faultline” last month we hoped it meant a new album was on the horizon, and today they deliver our wish: the new album Forgiveness will be out on April 29 through Anti-. They’ve also shared a new song called “Lie Love Lullaby”, with Avery Tucker saying:

‘Lie Love Lullaby’ is a song about a time where I felt that my innocence affected my ability to choose a person who was good for me. In the past, it’s been painful to choose somebody that didn’t believe in me, and I think the most painful part was that I allowed myself to pick a person that didn’t recognize my entirety. I wrote this song wondering, did I recognize it myself? If I had the wherewithal to tolerate their minimizing perspective?

Tucker doesn’t hold back on the harsh realities in his words on “Lie Love Lullaby”, with the frank admission “Pass out in a daydream / Cum so much to memory” arriving early in the song. He continues down a path of regretful reflections on this manipulative relationship, with clicking and glistening electronic production emphasising the coldness of their behaviour. Harmony Tividad’s vocals add a quiet but haunting harmony, making it even more unsettling as Tucker works through his regrets. “What’s a lie love lullaby when we do it every night? he sneers in the chorus, but by the end of the song it seems he’s built to a bigger, stronger person – one who won’t allow himself to be underestimated again.

Watch the video for “Lie Love Lullaby” below or find the song on streaming platforms.

Girlpool’s new album Forgiveness is out on April 29 through Anti- (pre-order/save).

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