Photo: Bella Howard

Fryars shares a glistening ode to the purity of musical creation in “God Melodies”

British alt-pop producer Fryars emerged from a long hibernation last year with a couple of great singles, “Virtual Reality Games” and “Quail’s Egg No.1 in C Sharp Major”, and today he has revealed that he plans to put out a new album called God Melodies this year. No confirmed release date for it yet, but he has shared the title track, revealing:

“‘God Melodies’ is about the purity of how we receive musical ideas, when we make something from nothing. The whistling motif is how Rae and I communicate to each other from opposite ends of the house. Or to suggest whether we’re upstairs or downstairs depending on the inflection in the melody. It seemed like a good idea to preserve that in song for eternity. Every idea is handed to us, whether we like it or not. We are only curators.”

Fryars may only be the “curator” of the melodies that are handed down to him from on high, but his methods of combining them all into complex and eternally-surprising pop chrysalises is all his own. That continues on “God Melodies” where a dizzying array of synths, beats, violins and more create a swirling bed where his ode to the mysterious power of creation truly sparkles. Once again intertwining his voice (and whistles) with his partner Rae Morris, the duo’s pious joy of musical magic shimmers with awe and cortex-tickling ingenuity as Fryars weaves a tale of uplift from the doldrums of depression to the heights of elation through the power of melody. Over-stuffed with earworm moments and sheer happiness, “God Melodies” truly does make you feel that “everything’s fine”, even if it’s just for three and a half minutes.

Listen to “God Melodies” on streaming platforms or below.

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