Photo: Bella Howard

Fryars gets lost in synthesized silliness on the gleeful “Quail’s Egg No.1 In C Sharp Major”

Back in June, British weirdo-pop producer Fryars released his first song in six years in the form of “Virtual Reality Games”. Today he follows it up with another infectiously bonkers track called “Quail’s Egg No.1 In C Sharp Major”, saying:

“Quail’s Egg… Quaalude – about getting lost in making something – time slowing down then flying by. Having eyes for nothing else. This inane two minute tune got made over seven years. Sitting with the same thing, the same idea but always finding new details and new ways of doing things. Never wanting to finish something. Not because it has to be perfect, but because you don’t want it to end.

At first, “Quail’s Egg” seems to be an ode to tripping on drugs, then with the dropping of lines like “I feel like I’ve been staring into your eyes for hours,” it seems to be about someone he’s attracted to. But no, ultimately it is neither of those things – and yet both: it’s about making music, both his drug and his love. The effervescent glee Fryars feels for music making comes out of every polyphonic texture he packs into “Quail’s Egg” – and that’s a lot. The glitchy synth-pop is still the basis of the track, but as he drifts deeper into the morass of music making, so the song grows in abstracted weirdness – and pure sonic delights.

It would be impossible to capture them all in words, so why not take a listen on streaming platforms, or watch the video below.

There should be an announcement of a new Fryars album soon, for now you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.