Frances Chang drops psychedelic video for “p much deranged”

Frances Chang has released the video for “p much deranged”, the opening track on her recently released album, support your local nihilist.

The music video, crafted by artist Shlomit Strutt is part visualizer, part microcosmic study. Strutt mastered the art of abstract and subjective, expressing the true psychedelic nature of the world by zooming into an ancient fountain. The archeological relic, suggestive of long lost mystical energy, but located at the intersection of so much controversy and colonial violence, serves as interesting imagery for Chang’s track.

In the song itself, Chang chants over an atmosphere of fluttering metatronic bird wings produced by a Moog sonic six: “she told me she can / see the / spirit world, i’m drawn / and repelled/ mantra-like.”

“This song is about feeling the internal conflict between the social pressure for sanity and the desire to explore unknown psychic dimensions,” Chang says.

Shlomit Strutti, the video artist shared: 

“I shot the video at the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum in East Jerusalem. The museum was built by the British during the days of the mandate and was called the Palestine Archaeological Museum. After the war of 1948 it passed to Jordanian hands and in 1967 captured by Israeli forces during the Six Day War. It was then renamed.

“Every time I had visited I was the only person there except for the guard. The collections are dead and still in a way that makes you feel silly to be alive and walking around, tiny in the scale of time depicted. The only other thing sort of moving (and in the same time zone) is the stone head fountain, the centerpiece of a sun scorched inner courtyard, also silly in its decorative loop.”

Sensitive to group dynamics, Chang reads the codes of membership, and doesn’t put on any badges to join the club. She is herself.  At the same time she fears alienation and not fitting in, being ungrounded, untethered, unstable.  It is this type of conflict that feels channeled in “p much deranged”:  the track and the video.

Frances Chang’s debut album support your local nihilist is out now through destiny is a dog; buy on Bandcamp or find it on streamers. You can follow Chang on Instagram and Twitter.

Tour dates:

9/3 – Record Release!!! :) @ Windjammer w/ Wendy Eisenberg and Youbet
9/8 – @ Wonderville w/ John Jody, Mike Etten, Abby From Mars
9/22 – @ Purgatory w/ Salt, April, Like a Doll
10/8 – @ Windjammer w/ Boothe, Tomato Flower, Sham