Photo: Em Joseph

Frances Chang unpacks her crutches on “i quit cigs”

“I worry about feeling untethered completely.” Brooklyn singer/songwriter Frances Chang packs her lyrics with her own personal exorcism of the crutches that falsely provide a sense of control in her latest, “i quit cigs”. Her second single, following “support your local nihilist”, is full of, at times, layers of her delicate voice over fuzzy guitars delves deeper into her emotional confessions.

Chang reveals: “This song, like so many of my songs, is really about anxiety, and what happens when you resist or avoid it. I’m really interested in quitting things, which I feel like is an unpopular topic of conversation but I think it’s because I relate so much to my mind being tied up with addictive thinking. When I quit cigs, I basically came face-to-face with my anxiety in a rawer way than I’d previously been allowing myself to and I (anxiously) thought I’d be that nerve-wracked forever. It evened out and I felt like myself again after a few months though.”

She collaborated with Berlin-based artist, Slowfoam/Madelyn Byrd, on the official video. Frances shares: “We met at a show we both played a while back and I have been a fan of their art since then. It was a bit of a collaborative process, figuring out how to translate the song to a visual place, and I also feel like the end result hits very much. It was really fun talking so specifically and critically about such abstract images/dream objects with them.”

Watch the official video below or find “i quit cigs” streaming platforms.

Frances Chang’s debut album support your local nihilist comes out on July 22 through destiny is a dog (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can follow Chang on Instagram and Twitter.