Photo: Em Joseph

Frances Chang subverts expectations with the scuzzy “Support Your Local Nihilist”, announces debut album

Brooklyn songwriter Frances Chang, formerly of the band Giant Peach, has announced the release of her debut solo album support your local nihilist on July 22 through her own label destiny is a dog. She has also shared the title track, saying:  

“I think of nihilism as, at its core, a state of awe and surrender, a recognition that there is nothing inherently more to life than what it is. The stigmatized kind of nihilism comes from disappointment at your own powerlessness, or maybe failing to recognize the internality of experience, mistaking life for the skeletal, literal state of things. Lately I see it as potentially transformative, a moment of seeing through illusion. The way that a rock-bottom experience is necessary to shift out of an addictive pattern, acknowledgment of powerlessness or emptiness is the necessary precursor to developing the small units of a relationship to myself.”

Chang used took her home bedroom recordings to collaborate with producer and engineer Hunter Davidsohn (Sheer Mag, Frank Hurricane, Porches) for the creation of the record, and the bulked out sound is impactful on “support your local nihilist”. She also had the help of Julian Fader (of Ava Luna and his own Um Are project) on drums to create this punky number. 

Watch the official video below or find it on streaming platforms.

Frances Chang’s debut album support your local nihilist comes out on July 22 through destiny is a dog (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can follow Chang on Instagram and Twitter.

Catch her at these live dates:

New York

5/27 at The People’s Garden w/ Elysse, Kalbells (solo)
6/2 at Ridgewood Presbyterian Church w/ Big French, Starla Online

West Coast with Starla Online

6/5 LA @ House Show
6/6 LA @ Love Song Bar w/ Dylan Moon and Ko T.C.
6/8 Portland @ Fixin’ To w/ Fib and Toughboy
6/9 SF @ Adobe Books w/ Aaron Space