Foxing are nothing if not unpredictable. The band has made a reputation from being stubbornly sure of their own vision, even when it might throw their listener-base for a loop. When they gained considerable footing in the emo community with their (fantastic, by the way) unearthing of Midwest emo on Dealer, they opted to follow it with quite a turn into art rock on Nearer My God.

Now, they’ve returned, with yet another bold shift. “Speak with the Dead”, the lead single from an as-yet unnamed project, finds them in more than fine form, with a clear emotional arc culminating in crashing drums. Vocalist Conor Murphy is directly confronting death itself, an especially harrowing prospect in this tired age of the pandemic. It even features WHY?‘s Yoni Wolf, whom the band consider one of their greatest inspirations.

Watch the video for “Speak With The Dead” below.

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