Photo: Josh Taylor-Moon

Folly Group revel in musical alchemy on the pulverising “Four Wheel Drive”

London art-punks Folly Group released their debut single “Fewer Closer Friends” last June, and while it’s been quite a long wait for more from them, their new single “Four Wheel Drive” proves that it was worth it. About the new track, the band’s Sean Harper says:

“‘Four Wheel Drive’s mechanical chug aims to invoke the feeling of alchemy that occurs when we make music together. It’s a kind of sonic metaphor for our each being part of an engine—together, we each provide a different service in pursuit of the same goal. That goal is whatever kind of good it makes you feel.”

While previous single “Fewer Closer Friends” was about not putting on a show to look cool, “Four Wheel Drive” takes that line of thinking even further, to the point where the quartet can fully express their true selves – and the result is electrifying. Pulling us into their “shimmering neon black” heart with high-wire guitar, tension-building rhythm interplay and an unsettling synth undercurrent, Folly Group snatch our attention and keep it grasped throughout. The gloss on top of all this is Harper’s words and voice, slipping erratically between demure monotone and manic ejections, with the dextrous foursome matching him step for step with thrilling sonic shifts. “When it’s done it will look like a kiss,” Harper affirms in the hair-raising chorus – and while the song itself may not evoke feelings of romance, the band’s passion and connection is plainly evident for all to hear.

You can listen to “Four Wheel Drive” on streaming platforms, or watch the video by Oscar Carrier-Sippy below.

Folly Group’s “Four Wheel Drive” is the first release on So Young Records. Look out for more from the band soon by following them on Facebook and Instagram.