Photo: Percy Walker-Smith

Lime Garden look to escape modern malaise on the addictive “Sick & Tired”

Brighton newcomers Lime Garden have put out a couple of singles but continue to grow rapidly with each new one, which continues on today’s delectable new tune “Sick & Tired”. As is evident in listening, it’s a big step in their creative evolution, as singer and co-songwriter Chloe Howard explains:

“Writing the song helped us find the beauties all around us, even when we were feeling stuck in a rut. The song writing process began when we were split miles apart due to the various lockdowns, meaning this song came from a completely new way of writing for us. Sending logic files back and forth, piecing together the song bit by bit, made it feel like a collaborative being that we were all looking after to help grow, this is also true in the fact that you can hear a little bit of each of us throughout the song. We feel it’s the perfect reflection on how we have grown as a band to be inspired by each other’s writing and influences.”

Nominally an indie band, Lime Garden show off their diverse influences and interests in “Sick & Tired”, which incorporates a multitude of tones and sonic surprises. We’ve heard plenty of songs about feeling worn out and bedraggled by modern life (because, who isn’t?) but there’s something addictive and fresh about “Sick & Tired”. Perhaps it’s in the way that, even as Chloe sneers about people having rose-tinted views, the music is bright and unpredictable, almost as if it’s chiding her for her negativity. “Need to find a way to get back up and wired” she concedes, but Lime Garden are already way ahead of her, providing her musings with lively beds of harp, invigorating clicks and synth washes, to name but a few of the myriad elements. It all coagulates to a glistening whole, drowning her misgivings under wave after wave of creativity.

Listen to “Sick & Tired” below or on your preferred platform.

“Sick & Tired” is out via So Young Records. You can find Lime Garden on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and at these dates:

Sun – 25-Jul 2021 UK Oxfordshire, Truck Festival
Sat – 28-Aug 2021 UK Bedford, Esquires*
Sun – 29-Aug 2021 UK Margate, Elsewhere*
Mon – 30-Aug 2021 UK Guildford, The Boileroom*
Tue – 31-Aug 2021 UK Southampton, Heartbreakers*
Wed – 01-Sep 2021UK Plymouth, The Junction*
Thu – 23-Sep 2021 UK Manchester, Mood Swings @ YES Basement
Fri – 15-Oct 2021UK Norwich, Wild Paths Festival
Sat – 16-Oct 2021UK Margate, New In Town Festival
Thu – 21-Oct 2021 UK Brighton Prince Albert, Headline (SOLD OUT)
Sat – 30-Oct 2021 UK Leeds, Dark Arts Festival
Sat – 13-Nov 2021 UK Glasgow, Stag & Dagger Festival
Sun – 14-Nov 2021 UK Edinburgh, Stag & Dagger Festival
Tue – 23-Nov 2021 UK Guildford, The Boileroom^
Wed – 24-Nov 2021 UK Liverpool, The Shipping Forecast^
Thu – 25-Nov 2021 UK Newcastle, Think Tank Underground^
Tue – 30-Nov 2021 UK Birmingham, Muthers^
Wed – 01-Dec 2021 UK Leeds, Oporto^
Thu – 02-Dec 2021UK Manchester, Gullivers^
Fri – 03-Dec 2021 UK Nottingham, Bodega^ 
Sat – 04-Dec 2021 UK Bristol, Louisiana^
Tue – 07-Dec 2021 UK London, Omeara^
Fri – 10-Dec 2021 UK Southampton, Heartbreakers^
Thu – 24-Feb 2022 UK Brighton, Hope & Ruin

*With Katy J Pearson 

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