Photo: Holly Whitaker

London art punks Folly Group drop the façade on “Fewer Closer Friends”

Folly Group arrived last year with the excellent “Butt No Rifle”, immediately stirring excitement which they’ve waited patiently to stoke with a follow up. That arrives today in the form of “Fewer Closer Friends”, about which they say:

“‘Fewer Closer Friends’ is about surrendering command of how one is perceived by others. It’s a manic bit of advice to the former self that says: you can’t govern that perception, so don’t waste time trying. That’s not to prepare for failure, but to combat naivety.”

Folly Group’s erratic energy is ramped up on “Fewer Closer Friends”, combining their blasts of guitar with percolating electronics and domineering drums. The vocals build on this give-no-fucks attitude, switching from unimpressed drawl to amped-up proclamations and back again, giving “Fewer Closer Friends” a thrilling and unpredictable edge.

There’s a club mix of “Fewer Closer Friends” that is “simultaneously a jungle track too weird for a DJ to reach for and an IDM track too clubby to flatter the listener” coming next week too – and we can’t wait. 

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