Photo: Pooneh Ghana

Faye Webster shows her badass streak in “Cheers”, announces new album

Faye Webster has revealed plans for the follow-up to her 2019 breakthrough Atlanta Millionaires Club: her new album is called I Know I’m Funny haha and comes out through Secretly Canadian on June 25. It features the previously released singles “Better Distractions” and the beautiful “In A Good Way”, as well as today’s new single “Cheers”. Introducing the song, Webster says:

“This song has always felt like a standout from the record to me. It was the kind of song where you’re like ‘oh yeah, this is the one. Right after the first take. It felt different to me and it made it feel like I was entering a new era and chapter for myself. It’s kind of the outlier on the record but at the same time is still so original and identifying to myself. Also it just makes me feel like a badass for once.

The crunchy guitar and thick synth stabs that underpin “Cheers” certainly put Webster in a different light, but one in which she is equally funny and, yes, even badass. “You came here to welcome me to what is the end,” she begins insouciantly, and she maintains this impossibly cool demeanour through the song, even as her usual neuroses poke through occasionally (“I wonder if we’ll get married before my brother”). When it comes to the chorus, “let’s cheers you / let’s cheers me,” she’s so inscrutable that you can’t tell if she genuinely means it or if there’s some anger bubbling underneath, but either way, you’re gonna cheers with her.

The video for “Cheers”, directed by Matt Swinsky takes the badassery up some notches, as it features Webster hanging out with Atlanta dirtbike crew Real Bike Life Only, including local hero SIG. Watch it below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

Faye Webster’s new album I Know I’m Funny haha comes out on June 25 via Secretly Canadian (pre-order/save). You can find Faye Webster on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.