Faye Webster shares the tender “In a Good Way”

Following the release of Atlanta Millionaires Club last year, Faye Webster‘s devoted and swooning fanbase has swollen. Today she’s giving something back with a new song called “In a Good Way”, a heartfelt continuation of the themes from the album.

Using minimal overdubs to maintain intimacy, Webster’s voice bobs across indie-R&B, as she shyly creeps out from her shell to express how her loved one has opened her up emotionally. “You make me wanna cry – in a good way” goes the soft-spoken chorus, and backed by minimal guitar, drums and violins, the effect is especially affecting. This is the kind of song that makes you understand why it’s important to feel your feels, and what true sensuality can do to us on a metaphysical level.

The video for “In a Good Way” was shot with Hunter Airheart and features Webster dancing alone, singing directly to the viewer, making the whole work feel even more personal.

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