Erika de Casier lays out the necessities to be her partner on “Polite”, announces album

Danish purveyor of stylish future pop Erika de Casier has announced her new album: it’s called Sensational and comes out on May 21 through 4AD. She’s also shared a new song and video called “Polite”.

Whereas previous single “Drama” found de Casier tapping into her dark side, “Polite” – as the title implies – goes the other way, with the singer laying out the common decency that is needed for her to be interested: “You gotta have some manners if you wanna roll with me.” It was inspired by a nightmare date she had wherein her dining partner was rude to the waiter and only talked about themselves – a story that is relayed within “Polite”, de Casier delivering the words trippingly over her sleek production. A song that’s equal parts alluring and adorable, de Casier continues to beguile with each new release.

Erika de Casier’s new album Sensational comes out on May 21 through 4AD (pre-order/save). You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.