Photo: Dennis Morton

Erika de Casier gives in to her theatrical tendencies on the slinky “Drama”

Copenhagen artist Erika de Casier has shared a new song called “Drama”, which follows up last year’s “No Butterflies, No Nothing”. Describing the inspiration for the new track, she says it’s all about acting up – “you know how sometimes you overthink or misinterpret a situation and act in a less reasonable manner.”

While fully understanding that she might be giving in to unreasonable urges, “Drama” finds de Casier fully emobdying that melodramatic personality. Although, it doesn’t mean over-the-top expression, instead she has created a very stylish future R&B, with silvery acoustic licks and pristine beats like a modern take on UK Garage. In this space, she uses her come-hither voice to drop tantalising lines like “I wrote you twice last night / wish I could rewind,” and “I don’t mean to cause any drama / it’s just somehow it always gets me,” playing it all innocent, when you know she is anything but. By the end of “Drama” she has us completely wrapped around her finger as she teases “you want drama? / I’ll give you a reality show.”

Of the self-directed video, de Casier says: “I wanted to create a sort of evil twin or alter ego of myself because you’re not entirely yourself when you’re in the violence of your own emotions.”

Watch the clip below or listen to “Drama” on streaming platforms.

“Drama” is out via 4AD. You can find Erika de Casier on Instagram and Facebook.