Eric Dash, Photography by Catie Laffoon

Eric Dash brings Mayer-like magic to “Everything is Nothing”

L.A. artist/producer Eric “Dash” Friedman previews his upcoming album with the new single “Everything Is Nothing”, a song that immediately hooks you with its soaring vocal and majestic melody.

Says Eric: “It’s written about the family and friends I left behind in pursuit of musical stardom, but I wrote the chorus while singing to my dog Lola. The single’s cover photo was taken the day before I found out she had an aggressive cancer.”

Dash was raised in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, just outside Philadelphia. He grew up listening to melodic rockers like John Mayer and Sheryl Crow – and you can hear the Mayer influence in particular on the new single.

While finalizing his new album, Dash has been a studio dynamo, producing Brooke Williams, Miss Machina and many others. Everything about his new single makes me want to dash to Spotify to hear more.

Listen to “Everything Is Nothing” below, or find it on the streaming platforms.

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