Photo: Secret Souls

eevee and sweeep explore ambient pop atmospheres on “the one”, announce collaborative album [BPM Premiere]

Rotterdam producer, DJ, and electronic musician eevee finds joy in sharing music and discovering common ground with like-minded artists. She founded her own label Secret Souls in 2019 to release music from artists with whom she’s forged a strong rhythmic connection. Recently she worked with cliffe and even spent time with Disney working on their Lo-Fi Minnie compilation album. She dabbles in ambient altitudes but also experiments with harder edged electronic patterns, developing a balance between arena-ready synth jams and gauzy circuital introspection. 

Berlin-based experimental artist sweeep treads similar soundscapes as eevee, offering atmospheric treks through acres of gravitational synths, warped beats, and various other mutated aesthetics. Her work echoes that of contemporaries Eartheater and Holy Other, musicians who see the untapped potential of these sounds and strive to dismantle all traditions surrounding their associated histories. 

eevee and sweeep will be releasing a new album together called vandalism and selfcare, due out September 2 via eevee’s Secret Souls label. The album is a striking collection of genre experiments, fusing bits and pieces of different sounds to one another, born from a hodgepodge of influences which work to elevate their entwined creativities. 

With lead single, “the one”, they’ve given us a brief insight into the ambient pop mechanisms driving their work together. Reshaping a handful of genres into a mass of gentle acoustics, airy keys, and elusive electronic flourishes, the track is further sketched out by ethereal vocals and a minimal percussive framework. There’s something so beautiful about its contours, so fragile in its construction that it seems a strong breeze might be capable of carrying it away. The subtle variations in the music begin to reveal themselves after a few listens — you begin to hear a depth of emotion that can only come from artists comfortable in their collective adoration of these sounds. 

eevee and sweeep explain their collaboration: “We met on tour five years ago and have since then been playing back to back in different countries like Poland, Germany etc. But this is the first time we collaborate on productions together. ‘the one’ is the first single of our upcoming album vandalism and selfcare.”

Listen to the song below.

eevee and sweeep’s collaborative new album, vandalism and selfcare, is due out September 2 via Secret Souls. You can pre-save “the one” here. Follow eevee on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Keep up with sweeep on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.