Photo: Tobias Humble

EERA enters a new dimension of confidence with “Ladder”, announces new album

EERA is Berlin-based Norwegian multi talent Anna Lena Bruland, and today she has announced plans for a new album called Speak, which will arrive on December 3. It follows up her 2017 debut album Reflection of Youth, and she says:

Speak is a search for a balance in life, acknowledging myself, and being proud of who I am. To become braver and more confident, and stop questioning so much. Accept and move on instead. My debut was a little bit timid, like, am I doing this right? This album is more who I am.”

The first glimpse of that confidence comes in lead single “Ladder”, a muscular and bounding pop rocker that finds EERA in self-possessed mode, fully in command. “You’re pushing down the ladder,” she repeats in the chorus, an interesting metaphor for how people get ahead in life while some hold themselves back. It seems EERA has had enough of being the victim of this self-sabotage and is instead determined to be stronger – not letting anyone, especially herself, get in the way. That evolution of personality is also audible in the sonics of “Ladder”, where a meaty rhythm section reflects off her fluttering voice in the verses, before the song explodes into a dreampop chorus that feels like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon – beautiful, but knowing there’s still plenty of work still to do.

The video for “Ladder” displays the message of the song in a simple but effective way, showing EERA strutting unreservedly through dark city streets, her golden gown flowing imperiously behind her. Watch it below or find “Ladder” on streaming platforms.

EERA’s new album Speak comes out on December 3 (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.