Photo: Erin Hambly

Drug Store Romeos float through a technicolour dream on “Jim, Let’s Play”

Rising Hampshire heroes Drug Store Romeos are back today with a new song called “Jim, Let’s Play”, a psychedelic Casio-based romp, inspired by Boston’s own legendary music maker The Space Lady. The band’s Sarah Downey explains:

“We were improvising with the cut-up method in my bedroom when, all at once the words ‘Jim’ and ’Lets play’ jumped out of the cut out word sheet onto a melody that caught it in the air. The Space Lady fans would be pleased to hear the lady herself approves this message (we sent her the song and she gave it the go-ahead!). At the time of writing we were all in awe with her Greatest Hits album. She greatly influenced our evolving sound and we felt it right to leave a little thank you to her in one of our songs.”

“Jim, Let’s Play” is a tightly-written pop song, but that feeling of spontaneity is still crackling in its atmosphere. Perhaps because it’s just such a frolicsome track, and one in which you never quite know where Drug Store Romeos are going to shift you next, as the groove stops and starts, little chimes twinkle around, and new dashes of electronic melody trickle into the song at surprising moments, like shooting stars across the vast night sky. In this playfully mystical space, Downey’s floating voice muses on visions from dreams, capping this fantastical bop perfectly.

“Jim, Let’s Play” arrives today via Fiction. No news yet if Drug Store Romeos have an album or EP on the horizon, but if you’re in/near London, you can catch them at their re-arranged gig at Dalston’s SET next April 15 (tickets).

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