Deb Never turns demonic in the visuals for “Disassociate”

Following recent single “Sorry”, Deb Never has this week revealed that her new EP, Where Have All The Flowers Gone, will drop on July 26. Today delivers the visuals for new single “Disassociate”.

A song that finds her battling her own apathy and numbness, confronting her nihilistic tendencies over a spare beat, “Disassociate” is another excoriating art-pop banger from the rising star. The visuals for the track find her sporting some beautiful leather courtesy of Matthew Williams by Givenchy – but turning demonic while looking fly. Blue hair and blue eyes effectively render the idea that she sleeps next to her demons, as she puts it in the song – making the impact of that line hit all the more.

Watch the video for “Disassociate” below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

Deb Never’s Where Have All The Flowers Gone EP arrives on July 23. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.