Photo: Michael Percy

Deb Never puts her raw emotions on display in the lo-fi shapeshifter “Someone Else”

Deb Never is a songwriter from Los Angeles who might have caught your attention with her lockdown release Intermission last May. Shortly after that, searching for new inspiration, Deb moved to London to move in with her long-time collaborator Michael Percy and to work with some other musicians and producers. One such new collaborator was Jam City, who has produced her new song “Someone Else”, released today.

Considering Jam City is known for his complex dancefloor-adjacent productions, it’s surprising that “Someone Else” begins in such a minimal lo-fi sound – but this is where Deb Never thrives. Over spindles of guitar and a minimal click, her voice is clear but vulnerable, unable to stop herself from conjuring up images of a love she’s left behind overseas – and unburdens herself of the admission that she’s worried they’ll fall in love with “Someone Else”. The track continues to surprise at each new turn, the production growing with additions of backing vocals and bass, which provoke Deb to get more real and outspoken in her confessions, showing off her vocal range. “Someone Else” continues to grow with her glowing feelings, eventually breaking out into a drum’n’bass-like finale, as if her mania is overflowing into an outpouring of useless energy.

Watch the video for “Someone Else” below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

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