Deb Never hits back at a toxic ex on the biting “Sorry” and its stark video

Coming off the back of January’s “Someone Else” and her appearance on slowthai’s TYRON, Deb Never has this week shared a new single and video called “Sorry”.

The title “Sorry” is a misnomer, because Deb is anything but apologetic here. What first sounds like a laid back and lovelorn bop is actually an excavation of past trauma, where Deb’s words are uncompromising; “do you feel tall knowing you’re the reason why I’m fucked up black out drunk at another party?” she quizzes. “Big shit, rock star / but I think you’re boring” she tells them before going on to reflect “thank god I cut the cord / ’cause I can’t be tied to you.” Evidently, Deb is not entirely over the ex, but it might just be because of how obnoxious and arrogant they are – and “Sorry” is just the perfectly poised take down they deserve. Hopefully it helps Deb move on, but for us it provides a piece of quietly emphatic future pop to enjoy.

The video for “Sorry” gives us more insight into Deb’s vulnerability and pain, giving us a stark view into the artist’s psyche. Check it out below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

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