Photo: Robin Laananen

Deafheaven meld pain and purity in “The Gnashing”

Deafheaven recently announced their new album Infinite Granite for release in August, and launched their campaign with the stratospheric “Great Mass Of Color”. Today they return with another glimpse of what’s to come on the new record with a single called “The Gnashing”.

Any who thought that a title like “The Gnashing” might signpost a return to the more fearsome and furious Deafheaven sound following the fairly accessible “Great Mass Of Color” may be surprised to discover that they’re just as streamlined and beautiful here. Much more firmly in the shoegaze realm than perhaps they’ve ever been, Deafheaven provide ascendent, reflective riffs to back up George Clarke’s singing (yes, again!). “Embrace the gnashing / I know what this costs us / I know it’s exhausting you,” he tenderly beseeches, in what is perhaps a meta plea to long-term Deafheaven fans who are unsure about their cleaner direction (probably not, though). Following a hushed and atmospheric interlude, Deafheaven carry this plea up to the highest heights, where they are greeted by a scorching hot guitar solo, just to put a bow on proceedings.

Listen to “The Gnashing” below or find it on your preferred platform.

Deafheaven’s new album Infinite Granite comes out on August 20 through Sargent House (pre-order/save). You can find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.