Danish songwriter Mass Amore emerges with the ghostly and powerful “Wtf”

Danish songwriter Sophia Maj has previously released EPs under the moniker Ellis May, but she has now returned with a new project called Mass Amore. We’re informed:

“MASS AMORE is a feminist statement
A recording of the ongoing reprogramming of the female collective awareness

“An evocative celebration of feminine ferocity – that was always there – alas thoroughly hidden beneath centuries of patriarchal governance.

“Expressed in pulsating nylon string guitars and choral landscapes to produce an open invitation to embrace a path that was almost forgotten.”

Ahead of a debut EP in March, Mass Amore has revealed her debut single “Wtf”. Far from the confrontational tone suggested by the title, “Wtf” is a spectral acoustic song, with the singer’s voice echoing into ribbons of harmonies that blossom into a colossal yet intimate space. Her words are blurred in a similar way to Grouper – but, just like that project, the weight and emotion behind them is not lost, it only pulls you closer. Mass Amore asks you to dive into her watery world of heartbreak on “Wtf”, to discover the secrets she’s quietly unveiling about her heart and her love – and perhaps some darker aspects of her desires too. Just lean in close and “Wtf” will suck you in, envelope you into beautifully weightless melodies – and then keep you trapped there, haunted forever.

Listen to “Wtf” below or on streaming platforms.

Mass Amore’s Hopeless Romantic EP is out on March 18. You can find her on Instagram.