Jamie Heath

Confidence Man float via the swirling ecstasy of “Holiday”

It may have been 2018 the last time received an album from Australian Alt-Dance act Confidence Man, but they certainly haven’t been sitting idly by.

To the contrary, they’ve clearly spent the time working towards a proper level up. Having just announced their sophomore LP, TILT, for a 2022 release, they’ve shared the project’s ecstatic lead single, “Holiday”. To say the least, it’s no minor affair, with the group pushing their sound the furthest it’s ever gone towards sheer, inimitable glee.

Speaking on the track, vocalist Sugar Bones shares, “We’ve been trying for the most epic, hands up, euphoric anthem for a while and this is the first time we’ve come close… Turns out it’s pretty difficult, but nothing’s too hard for con man.” That confidence is well earned.

Also chiming in co-vocalist Janet Planet stunts, “No one tells Confidence Man what to do. Who said a Holiday can’t last forever? Spend big and live free, that’s our motto. And it can be yours too. A vacation is just sunburn at premium prices but a holiday is a state of mind.”

The video for the song is equal to its sonic counterpart, featuring a hot air balloon and lots of, shall we say, enthusiasm. Check it out below and look out for TILT come April 1st via Heavenly.

Confidence Man’s new album TILT will be out on April 1 through Heavenly (pre-order/save). You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.