Photo: Oscar O'Shea

CLAMM go to war with their mind on the furious “Liar”

Malbourne trio CLAMM are releasing their debut album in April, and following on from the searing “Keystone Pols” they’ve today shared “Liar”. Whereas the last one was punching outwards, this one turns its knives inwards, as the band explains:

The song is about mental health. It’s about wanting to break through a pattern of thinking that isn’t necessarily positive. It’s about dealing with an internal monologue that isn’t always telling the truth.”

As a depiction of mental health, “Liar” doesn’t seem like a particularly healthy one – but perhaps that’s the point. Furious and frenetic from the off, CLAMM deliver curdling guitars over demolishing drums while Jack Summers repeats self-effacing statements like “I’ve never been a winner.” This tornado builds up to the chorus where he simply repeats “Liar, liar, liar,” firing off the accusation like bullets from a gun. It might not be everyone’s method for tackling their own shortcomings, but CLAMM certainly sound like they could smash through any kind of barrier – mental or physical – with “Liar”.

Listen to “Liar” on streaming platforms or below.

CLAMM’s debut album Beseech Me is out on April 9 through Meat Machine (pre-order on Bandcamp). Find the band on Facebook, Bandcamp and Instagram.