Photo: Oscar O'Shea

CLAMM unleash their desires on the swirling punk of “Beseech Me”

Melbourne trio CLAMM are releasing their debut album Beseech Me next Friday, April 9, but before that they’ve given us a final tease in the form of the title track. Jack Summers says:

“Beseech Me is a song that touches on desire and solidarity. The song in its entirety seems to have a sort of pleading to it, as if it is asking the listener to do something. Lots of the lyrics on this song were written on the fly. I tried to change the lyrics to make ‘more sense’ at some point, but it always felt wrong and so we left it in its natural state. Because of this, there’s a hint of ambiguity to the track.”

A coiling fuzz bass immediately sets the tension high on “Beseech Me”, and Summers’ words and vocal seizes on that urgency and ratchets it up further as he unburdens himself of all his needs. Something like a managed mental breakdown, where he admits “I am a solitary human” while also pleading for connection, CLAMM have made a fireball of furious desire here. Whatever ambiguities may exist in the words, CLAMM have tied them all together with a razor-wire bow on “Beseech Me”, resulting in their most gloriously galloping track yet.

CLAMM’s debut album Beseech Me is out next Friday, April 9, through Meat Machine (pre-order on Bandcamp). Find the band on Facebook, Bandcamp and Instagram.