Photo: Alexa Viscius

Bnny serve up the beautifully numb “Sure”

Bnny, the Chicago-based band fronted by Jess Viscius, who is backed by twin sister Alexa Viscius, plus best friends Tim Makowski and Matt Pelkey, are releasing their debut album Everything in August. The singles “Time Walk” and “Ambulance” are already out in the world, and today they share a third pearl in “Sure”. Jess says:

“‘Sure’ is about love and its loss. ‘Sure’ is about apathy and denial. It’s about disillusionment in the wake of death. It’s about finding strength and meaning in the steadfastness of nature.”

The album, Everything, was written by Jess over a protracted period of time where she was dealing with the loss of her partner, and “Sure” might be the most direct and honest reflection of that time yet. It’s formed around a slovenly, delightfully lazy guitar lope, immediately putting us in a place of apathy and numbness. Jess’ vocal matches this, as she breathily pontificates on the word ‘sure’ and all the things it can mean, from “Sure, another drink” to “sure as sunrise” to “sure as death.” Bnny graciously layer in minimal percussion and pinging guitars, and it feels like the day just drifting by outside the window while Jess remains immobile, staring into space. Just when you think it’ll just drift away to silence, a warming guitar solo soars through the still air, and “Sure” starts to move into a more positive place – it’s a minimal change, but the start of the long road of healing.

Watch the video for “Sure” below, or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Bnny’s debut album Everything is out on August 20 through Fire Talk. You can find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.