Photo: Hisham Bharoocha

Animal Collective remember Scott Walker on new single and hallucinogenic video “Walker”

Animal Collective have given us a second glimpse of their hugely anticipated upcoming album Time Skiffs with a new song and video called “Walker”. Speaking to Zane Lowe, Noah Lennox revealed:

“Mostly, ‘Walker’ is a tribute to Scott Walker who passed away around the time I began writing the song. Scott’s music has meant a lot to me and he’ll always be a big inspiration. But there’s also a kind of exhaustion and resignation to the singer of ‘Walker’ that belies a darker layer.”

The darkness and exhaustion are not immediately evident in “Walker”, as it features a lot of trilling, tropical tones which initially catch the ear. However, a deeper focus and you’ll hone in on Lennox’s weary voice and the slovenly way the guitars ooze around the track. It’s like going to a beach party when you’re way too tired, and everything suddenly feels like it’s moving in slow motion around you. The end finds the quartet collapsing into spare, cortex-tickling weirdness, as they are wont to do.

The video for “Walker”, directed by Abby and Dave Portner, is quite special. Abby says: Abby Portner: “It was so much fun to collaborate with Dave on this video, there were so many drawings and phone calls back and forth about how to make the record cover come to life and so much experimenting with movements of the band and acrobats to figure out how to get the flow right. I have never been on a set with so much excitement and clapping after takes when it all fell into place. It was such a warm, hardworking crew of people helping us figure out how to make it all happen and is one of my favorite directing experiences ever.”

Watch the clip below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Animal Collective’s new album Time Skiffs comes out on February 4 through Domino (pre-order/save). Stay up to date with Animal Collective via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.