Photo: Rich lomibao

Ana Roxanne takes us on a floating voyage through disconnection on “Camille”

Last month Ana Roxanne announced her new album Because of a Flower, which she described as “a drone element and a mood” and is also informed by her intersex experience. Following the wondrous “Suite Pour L’Invisible”, she has now shared “Camille”.

This time we’re anchored in Ana Roxanne’s soundscape by a percolating beat, which pulls us through the vast expanses of “Camille”. A carefully-chosen synth tone expands to the horizon, as her voice twirls above, her words filled with regretful beauty: “We’ve gone too far into the arms of the other.” Roxanne incorporates some samples of a French dialogue into “Camille”, adding to the feeling of desperate disconnection that is the underlying mood of the song, which hits a peak when her falsetto grasps for the deepest expression in a moment of pure vulnerability. Enjoy it below.

Ana Roxanne’s new album Because of a Flower is out November 13 through kranky. You can find her on Bandcamp and Instagram.