Photo: Rich lomibao

Ana Roxanne reveals new album plans with the slow-blossoming knockout “Suite Pour L’invisible”

LA-based musician Ana Roxanne has revealed the details of her second album: it’s called Because of a Flower and will be released through kranky on November 13. Along with the announcement she has shared a seven-minute stunner called “Suite Pour L’invisible”.

She has described the process of creation on her new album as “a drone element and a mood” – an extremely simple recipe, but difficult to get right. But, as soon as you enter “Suite Pour L’invisible”, there’s no denying that Roxanne has found the perfect balance to create something truly special. For its opening portion, “Suite Pour L’invisible” is barely more than a plucked guitar and a whisper-faint hum, but it is enough to draw you in. Then, Ana Roxanne’s elegiac voice comes in, and despite its utter delicacy, it delivers a knockout blow, floating with unbelievable grace in the powder-soft world she’s created. There really are no words to capture the magic, so just go ahead and listen below.

Ana Roxanne’s new album Because of a Flower is out November 13 through kranky. You can find her on Bandcamp and Instagram.