Tim Hecker delivers the disquieting “Lotus Light”, announces new album

Canadian electronic composer Tim Hecker is back with news a new album called No Highs, which will be coming out on April 7 through Kranky. The first song to be shared from is the eight-minute “Lotus Light”.

Hecker’s last duo of albums (excluding his soundtrack work), 2018’s Konoyo and 2019’s Anoyo, found him relishing new experiences afforded by working with Japanese musicians, but his new record finds him rooted back in his home, viewing the paranoid world crumbling around him. “Lotus Light” is a perfect introduction to this mindset, as tension-rising beats percolate beneath nerve-jangling electronics that gracefully carve their way across the soundscape. Across the length of the track, Hecker never lets the auditory image settle, with the opening section relatively packed with sounds – including saxophone from Colin Stetson – before stretching it out into a cold and misty aural tundra that seems to stretch on in endless whiteness.

Take a listen to “Lotus Light” below or find it on streamers.

Tim Hecker’s new album No Highs arrives on April 7 through Kranky (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can find him on Instagram and Twitter.