Photo: Dan Medhurst

박혜진 Park Hye Jin announces anticipated debut album and shares euphoric single “Let’s Sing Let’s Dance”

At last, the moment is here. For those that were instantly entranced by the barbed sound of 박혜진 Park Hye Jin, it’s truly been something of a wait for her debut LP. That wait is just about over, as she gears up to release Before I Die on September 10 through Ninja Tune.

As befits her, she’s not playing into what’s expected in the least bit, either. Known for an often confrontational sound that you might even call bladed, with her debut, she’s leaning into (at least for her) a sense of optimism as yet unexplored in her music. Before I Die promises to be ephemeral, with Hye Jin celebrating the release that comes with entirely giving yourself to the moment.

To display just this sort of energy, she’s released the project’s ecstatic lead single, “Let’s Sing Let’s Dance”. It’s startlingly new territory for the artist, boasting a backdrop the likes of Frank Ocean wouldn’t sound at all uncomfortable over, subtly crinkling and evolving as it patiently unfurls. It’s as comforting as it danceable, equally fit for nights spent out too late as it is to rainy days spent alone.

If the project’s tracklist is any indication, it will more deeply explore this positivity and self-love, with songs such as “i jus wanna be happy”, “Never Give Up”, and the already bold “Sex With ME (DEFG)”. We’re sure that capitalization is intentional.

Check “Let’s Sing Let’s Dance” out below or find it on streaming platforms. The full track list for Before I Die is beneath.

Before I Die comes out on September 10 through Ninja Tune (pre-order/save). You can find Park Hye Jin on Bandcamp, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

Before I Die tracklist:

1. Let’s Sing Let’s Dance
2. I Need You
3. Before I Die
4. Good Morning Good Night
5. Me Trust Me
6. Where Did I Go
7. Never Give Up
8. Can I Get Your Number
9. Whatchu Doin Later
10. Sex With ME (DEFG)
11. Where Are You Think
12. Never Die
13. Hey, Hey, Hey
14. Sunday ASAP
15. i jus wanna be happy