Photo: Stacy Lee

Yoo Doo Right explore the far reaches of post-rock on “Feet Together, Face Up, On The Front Lawn”, from their new album

It’s not even been a year since Canadian heroes Yoo Doo Right released their debut album, but the trio have returned with the epic 16-minute “Feet Together, Face Up, On The Front Lawn” and it turns out it was the first taste of their second album, A Murmur, Boundless To The East, which will be coming out on June 10 through Mothland.

The new album was recorded live off-the-floor at world-famous studio Hotel2Tango, and that feeling of being ensconced amid the trio’s ascendant playing really helps “Feet Together, Face Up, On The Front Lawn” to feel like we’re hurtling upwards out of the atmosphere and into the far-reaches of possibility. It may be over 16 minutes long, but the song never falters or fades in grandiosity; it builds, shifts into fast-paced atmospherics and vocals, then builds some more, somehow getting grander throughout. It’s a continually shapeshifting sonic behemoth.

For the video, or short film, accompaniment, they hired Mackenzie Reid Rostad, who says:

“We knew we wanted to explore a narrative or continuity with the film and in the end, this happened to be that of enclosure. It’s both a product and a process of something that itself has no end. The track’s title and those for the rest of the album really echo this general desire to transcend this something as manifest in the proliferating enclosures of the visible (fences, power lines, highways, etc.) and non-visible (frontiers, thresholds) world. The entire video was shot with a thermal camera and beyond the materiality of the image (light/heat and visible/non-visible), its very existence is a fragment of the latter, as this kind of technology has been developed and heavily deployed in the service of private property and national frontiers. These are the kinds of things I’m thinking about when listening to Yoo Doo Right anyhow and again this something, of which enclosure is an aspect, is a process. I started with this somewhere in the back of my mind and the music pulled this process out of everything that followed.”

Watch the clip below or find “Feet Together, Face Up, On The Front Lawn” on streaming platforms.

Yoo Doo Right’s new album A Murmur, Boundless To The East will be out on June 10 through Mothland. You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram.

They’re touring Europe in the coming months:

2022-05-17 @ Joker’s Pub, Angers, FR
2022-05-18 @ Les 3 Pièces, Rouen, FR
2022-05-19 @ Le Trabendo, Paris, FR
2022-05-20 @ La Rodia, Besançon, FR
2022-05-21 @ La Parenthèse, Nyon, CH
2022-05-25 @ Hafenklang, Hamburg, GE
2022-05-27 @ Dunk! Festival / The Vooruit, Ghent, BE
2022-05-28 @ KulturA, Liège, BE
2022-05-30 @ Kulturhofkeller, Villach, AUS
2022-05-31 @ Balada Bar, Prague, CZ
2022-06-01 @ Aaltra, Chemnitz GE
2022-06-02 @ Autobahn, Berlin, GE
2022-06-04 @ Botanique, Bruxelles, BE
2022-06-05 @ Supersonic, Paris, FR