Photo: Mélissa Gamache

Meggie Lennon draws on life’s wondrousness for the affirming “Night Shift”, announces debut album

Montreal songwriter Meggie Lennon may be a new name to you as it is to us, but she’ll probably worm her way into your ears just as charmingly as she did ours. Today she reveals plans for her debut album Sounds From Your Lips, which arrives on July 9 through Mothland, and shares the lead single “Night Shift”. She says:

“The first part of the song came to me while cycling home back from L’Esco after a wild night. I was on a Bixi and the streets were completely empty. I was riding fast through the night and it felt both meditative and exhilarating – this feeling is reflected in the dreamy verses and then heavier guitar crescendo at the end. When we got in the studio, I laid the lead track on the Wurli and it all came naturally. The second part, “take a glimpse outside,” came while doodling on the synth. We were in the studio without windows but we both went outside and the sun blinded us, the lyrics were inspired by this.”

First, some translation: L’Esco = L’Escogriffe, a bar in Montreal. Bixi = the city’s rental bikes. Wurli = wurlitzer.

It’s worth noting that Meggie makes use of these casual abbreviations in the above quote, as if she’s talking to one of her friends, because the sweet and relatable “Night Shift” also curates a casual warmth and closeness between songwriter and listener. We probably don’t have too many happy memories associated with working nights, but Meggie is determined not to lose her mind, and in fact has to admit “there’s no denying this place is tight.” This coolness translates to the music, a languid fuzz-rock backing that comes in waves of effusiveness to couple perfectly with Meggie’s positivity, especially as the song enters the arms-wide-open happiness of its second half. When she offers “Just take my hand, go back in time / Say you’ll never stay behind / I’ll take you there / And blow your mind,” we’re more than ready to go galavanting alongside her, like old pals.

Watch the video for “Night Shift” by Marielle Normandin Pageau below.

Meggie Lennon’s debut album Sounds From Your Lips comes out on July 9 through Mothland (pre-order/save). You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.