Photo: Mélissa Gamache

Meggie Lennon escapes reality in her dreamy “Jardin”

Canadian newcomer Meggie Lennon only released her last excellent single “Night Shift” a couple of weeks ago, but with her debut album Sounds From Your Lips arriving in less than a month she’s not waiting around to release a new one. Today sees the release of “Jardin”, with Lennon saying:

“I randomly fell upon an article about fantasy-prone personality which is a trait in which a person lives in some sort of dreamlike state and experiences a deep involvement in fantasy. It made me think of my own relationship with my inner fantasies, this secret garden (Jardin in French) I have within myself where I can do anything. I believe everyone has this “Jardin” in them where they can escape reality and let their mind go wild and this is what this song is about.”

A song that undulates atop billows of golden strummed guitars, “Jardin” quickly puffs up a cloud of dreamy colour and invites you to step inside your mind. Even for those of us whose French isn’t good enough to follow all of what Lennon is singing, the surreal atmosphere is still tangible (and maybe even moreso) through her tender voice and currents of twinkling and stirring synths that flow through the track. As she sings of a “jardin secret”, we feel as if we’re standing among the otherworldly plant life, the melodies describing a sublime fragrance that carries us deeper, never looking back. Yet again, Lennon has a deftness of touch that turns her personal fantasies into universal euphoria.

Meggie Lennon’s debut album Sounds From Your Lips comes out on July 9 through Mothland (pre-order/save). You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.