Photo: Marlon Mara LeNoble

Worthitpurchase render a plaintive reverie on “Anne Hedonic”

With their fantastic debut LP Dizzy Age, lo-fi LA outfit Worthitpurchase provided much needed comfort in the dark, dour year that was 2020. Omar Akrouche and Nicole Rowe return this year with Truthtelling, which will be released August 5th via Anxiety Blanket Records. Eric Van Thyne has since been added as the group’s third member.

The latest single, “Anne Hedonic” doesn’t stray much from the winning Worthitpurchase formula: a simplistic strummer propelled by a spare drummachine, carefully adorned with offbeat, strangely gorgeous atmospherics. If you’re a fan of Mount Eerie, Chad VanGaalen or Grandaddy, this is the kind of stuff you inject directly into your veins. The lyrics are basically just a single verse prolonged and stretched throughout the song, as Rowe’s translucent benumbed voice welcomes yet “another bright synthetic day / a neon world turned grey”.

“Anne Hedonic” is accompanied by a grainy music video which finds Akrouche and Rowe ambling across green hillsides, forest creeks and empty beaches: the blurring of the images only adds to the surrealism of it all. 

Listen below and find the song on streaming services.

The new album Truthtelling is out on August 5 (pre-order on Bandcamp). Follow Worthitpurchase on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.