Photo: Derek Bremner

Witch Fever harness their full power on the imposing “I Saw You Dancing”

Manchester quartet Witch Fever are building to the release of their debut album in October, and with the singles “Blessed Be Thy” and “Congregation” already out in the world, they have today shared a third offering called “I Saw You Dancing”. They say:

“This is a song on the album that we’re really excited about as really it’s the first time we’ve written and allowed a song to have space and time to breathe! We’ve been so used to writing quick thrashy tunes it was fun to experiment and write slower ones for the album. We really love the drone of the guitar, the rattle of the bass and the reverb on the snare drum, as well as the vocals being a little more relaxed and expressive”.

The title “I Saw You Dancing” seems harmless enough, but it is inspired by singer Amy Walpole’s experiences growing up in a church being watched by leering men. From the moment the deep, lurching bass notes introduce the song, Witch Fever harness the nefarious tone and wield it chillingly throughout. The playing suggests a slow, leering walk across a room towards an object of attraction, someone that the song’s narrator can’t resist but impress themselves upon against their will. “My how you’ve grown,” Walpole sings, and you can practically hear the character licking their lips with disgusting lasciviousness; “I saw you dancing / my body and my blood”. Witch Fever don’t need to go into more detail than that, their whirlpool playing and Walpole’s continual repetition of the spine-tingling line “my how you’ve grown” is horrifically vivid enough to keep you wrapt.

Watch the video for “I Saw You Dancing” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Witch Fever’s debut album Congregation arrives on October 21 through Music For Nations (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.