Mark Manzi

Weval drop impressive Eefje de Visser-collaboration “Never Stay For Love”

Electronic duo Weval have unveiled an impressive new track, “Never Stay For Love”, with popular Dutch producer and songwriter Eefje de Visser. This is a collaboration that in many ways feels inevitable: both artists hone a fluid pop vocabulary obfuscating lines between word and sound, the earthbound and the extramundane, the dreamscapes and the dance floors.

“Never Stay For Love” sounds like a triphop song reimagined with cutting-edge production methods; dark, grimy synths reveal a translucent machinery of live instrumentation and vocal samples; an enticing alchemy of artificial and organic sounds. “We didn’t know Eefje de Visser on a personal level very well yet, but had really nice conversations about her creative process”, Weval comment via Instagram.

“Since she said she made all her demo’s in the English language first (all of her released songs are in Dutch), we were really curious about how she would sound while in the first idea round. At the time we just started making new ideas. We had one where we needed a verse, and what you hear on the track was the first idea’s she came up with.”

Check the song below and find it on streaming outlets.

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